Community Development and Relief Network (CDRN)

Scope: Kilis Öncüpınar Accommodation Facility is a refugee camp near Turkey’s border with Syria. The camp is operated by the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency committee. Killis is one of the six “container camps” opened by Turkey and seek to offer a better quality of life for refugees. GERA identified a real need for remedial education and recreation in the camp, as over 15 thousand youth are out of school. GERA’s strategy is to build a school in Kilis that will engage young adults in teaching and mentoring younger children, provide recreational activities, and a safe space to catch up and progress with their education. Currently we have obtained the space and are raising funds and developing the curriculum and pedagogy for the school.


Focus: Social intervention and Education for youth in Conflict Zones

Location: Kilis Öncüpınar Accommodation Facility in Turkey

Partner: Malala Foundation