Valeria Gomez-Palacios

Co-Founder / Program Director

At an early age, Valeria became actively engaged in movements to promote democracy and human rights in her country of birth, Nicaragua. She met Sikandar and Oumar at Seton Hall, where she earned degrees in Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages.

She co-founded GERA with them to fulfil her goal of social justice and civil rights for all. Valeria also holds certificates in Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster from Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and Human Rights and the Rights of Refugees from Amnesty International, and has worked with the United Nations, Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry, International Justice Project, European Union Delegation to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, and Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitator s of the Organization of American States on sustainable development and human rights. She has been published in Foreign Policy Journal and Global Public Policy Watch. Valeria is currently enrolled in a Masters in Public Affairs at Columbia University, and leads program management at GERA. She is fluent in French, German, Spanish, English and Italian.