Sikandar Khan

Founder / Director

Sikandar founded GERA in 2015 to fulfil his vision of providing children in war-torn areas with humanitarian relief and educational opportunities, and of protecting them from radicalizing forces.GERA honors slain relief worker Peter Kassig’s humanitarian efforts in Syria, and seeks to continue his legacy of helping displaced people rebuild their lives. Sikandar served in the US Army in Afghanistan in 2014, and experienced the horrors of conflict and crisis firsthand. He conducted GERA’s first humanitarian mission on the Turkey-Syria border in March of 2016. The urgent needs of newly-arrived Syrian refugees in New Jersey led Sikandar to refocus GERA’s work to provide emergency relief and advocate for refugee families in the United States. Sikandar’s grassroots presence has won him the support of refugee families, interfaith groups, and local leaders in New Jersey. He leads the development and scale up of NJ ReBuild at GERA. Sikandar holds a Bachelors in International Relations and Diplomacy from Seton Hall University in New Jersey, is an elected ward leader for Paterson, NJ with deep roots in the community, is an Assistant Coordinator for Youth Programs at the One Stop Career Center in Paterson, and has won recognitions and awards for his humanitarian work. He speaks English, Pashto, and Urdu, and is currently studying Arabic and Farsi.