Oumar Kouraogo

Co-founder and Treasurer

Oumar was born in Ivory Coast and raised in Burkina Faso where he witnessed people’s daily suffering to meet basic needs.He grew into an outspoken voice for justice and dignity, and later enrolled in Seton Hall’s program in Diplomacy and Economics to further his formal understanding of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Oumar co-founded GERA with Sikandar to carry out his aspiration to work toward a society in which food, water, housing, and education are available to all. To him humanitarian relief is as much about restoring dignity as it is about meeting basic needs. Oumar strengthened his expertise in emergency relief through an internship with the United Nations. At GERA, Oumar leads fundraising and development through cultivating individual and philanthropic support. He is fluent in French, English, Moore and Dioula.