NJ ReBuild 

NJ ReBuild is GERA’s flagship program that provides direct assistance, offers  regular ESL and educational programs, fosters community ties, and advocates for refugee families with media and political leaders. We rely on individual and organizational donations to run these free programs.

Direct Assistance: Families face several challenges as they reestablish themselves. Over half our budget goes toward emergency assistance for housing, as several families face eviction and unemployment in their first two years of resettlement. Your donation can prevent an eviction, or provide urgent medical services to a refugee family in need.

ESL, Teen Writing, and Children’s Enrichment programs: Our longer term programs, such as English as a Second Language, Teen Writing, and Children’s Enrichment, support language and educational development of refugee families. Your donation supports purchase of educational materials and payment of trained teachers to deliver a quality program.

Interfaith community: We also facilitate exchange between refugees and interfaith communities to develop social and professional networks. We aim to surpass the “charity” event, dispel stereotypes, and pave the way for families’ respectful entry into communities.

Advocacy: Through advocacy with local government and media, we raise awareness of new refugee families in the area, and build connections between families, local residents, and community leaders.

Currently, we work directly with over 30 families, and integrate many more in our community-building activities. We collaborate with several organizations, including North Jersey Interfaith Cares, UNICEF, Embrace Relief, local congregations, and public agencies such as Passaic One-Stop Career Center.

We invite philanthropic support from individuals and institutions for NJ ReBuild. We also welcome you to volunteer with us – with greater numbers we can reach even more families with much-needed services.

Learn more about how you can volunteer here.